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Promotional Items

We like challenges...

Laser engraving and ink marking services on promotional items are not all the same.

The process requires experience and knowledge to maximize the life of the mark on the particular material while keeping the budget in line.  We know how to put the right mark on the right material to make it last.

Connecticut Laser & Engraving knows that your special event needs a fast accurate and cost effective mark. We can laser or mechanical engrave on your promotional items. Metal, glass, wood and more.

A quality product needs a quality mark!


Accuracy & repeatability are key


Your parts need proper marking but how to do it is not as easy as it seems. Is your part flat or round, will it be exposed to the elements, does it need to be medical grade... these factors determine if the part is engraved or the mark is applied over the surface. It makes a huge difference. Our secret is how we fixture long run parts to minimize the handling of the parts. Another application of ingenuity is that we mount our laser heads on old Bridgeport machine bases for accuracy up to .005 with repeatability.

Call us now for your promotional marking needs!

(203) 265-9366

63 N Cherry St, Wallingford, CT 06492

(203) 265-9366

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